Eaton Manor

Eaton Manor 2018

Posted by Megan Purchase on 10th May 2018

On Wednesday 9th May, a group of UWAC archers and coaches (Nick Mitchell and Tom Hall) had the opportunity to shoot at the indoor range on the Eaton Manor estate. The range is able to accommodate targets at 70m-something that is not usually possible indoors- which gives the opportunity for training without having to take into account weather conditions.

The team went through bow drills and arrow plotting, as well as scoring some arrows and ending the day with a one arrow knock out competition. There was also oppurtunity to implement some psychological techniques that were discussed at a psychology masterclass with Erin Prior earlier in the week.

The Eaton Manor Range

Sight marks for each distance from 30m to 70m were either found or checked and each member of the group was able to work on personal form and technique in a more controlled environment than is usually available. Overall this trip was a valuable training exercise that will hopefully be repeated next year.

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