Performance & Development Squads

Last updated 6:28 p.m. on the 28th October 2018

Four years ago a few archers at the club started getting good and the university noticed that we used to win competitions, like a lot. In response to this, they arranged for small Lithuanian lady to destroy us once a week using nothing but our own bodies and some small weights. This was the inception of UWAC's Performance and Development program.

Since then Warwick Sport have been putting more money into their performance sports (of which archery is a member). This funds some strength and conditioning staff to train with the clubs. This page goes through some of the people you will work with as part of the performance squad.

Tom Hall & Nick Mitchell-Archery Coaches

Tom started archery in his first year of university, since then he has devoted immeasurable time and effort to the sport and become one of the top archers in the country. He is a serving member of team GB and represents the country in competitions all over the world. As a coach he spends most of his time working with the performance squad, trying to get the best technique out of each member.


Nick is a level 2 qualified coach. He has years of experience and technical knowledge. Nick spends his time as a coach working with novices and developing archers, while also working with Tom to give one to one coaching to the performance archers.

NIck Mitchell

James Jeffs (myself) -Team Captain

I started archery in my second year of university and am now in my eighth year. My role in the performance program is to coordinate between archery coaches, archers and S&C. I also organise away days for concentrated archery coaching, organise masterclass in equipment, technique and psychology, run meetings for the performance and development teams, and help select teams for competitions. If anyone is interested in getting involved with the performance side of the club then I am the person to talk to.

James Jeffs, Team Captain

Nick Manning-S&C Coach

Nick has been a multi-sport Strength and Conditioning Coach for nine years having previously worked at University of Bath and University of Leeds in higher education sport. Nick also worked with Gloucester Rugby in professional sport and was the Performance Scientist for Great Britain Short Track Speed Skating and the English Institute of Sport in Olympic level sport. Nick gained his BSc in Sport and Exercise Sciences from University of Bath and his MSc in Biomechanics Research from University of Leeds.

Nick Manning, S&C Coach

Jourdain Benstead-Banthorpe-S&C Coach

Jourdain gained his BSc in Sports Science and Coaching from the University of Bedfordshire last year, also gaining his MSc in Strength and Conditioning this year. During his MSc he was a Strength and Conditioning Coach within higher education for the University of Bedfordshire's sport scholars. Alongside this he was part of the elite player development programme that ran from Northampton Saints RUFC as a strength and conditioning coach to the Junior squad.

Jourdain Benstead Banthorpe-S&C Coach