Executive Committee

Last updated 3:29 p.m. on the 29th April 2022

The exec are in charge of running all aspects of the club, from ensuring that equipment is safe to use, to selecting the teams for the competitions we are involved in. All members of the committee are current Warwick students and are elected each year at our AGM, which is usually held just before the Easter break.

If you are interested in finding out what the Exec have been up to recently, feel free to contact the club secretary who can give you copies of recent meeting minutes.

Meet the Exec!

The exec for the 2022-23 academic year are:


Kate Willett

Kate Willett

Hi, I'm Kate. I'm a second year Life Sciences PhD student and UWAC's President for this year! I've been doing archery for fourteen years and this is my sixth year with UWAC.

My role as President is to be the club’s point of contact with the SU and Warwick Sport, support the Exec so that things get done on time, and generally make sure everything runs smoothly.

If you have any questions about archery or the club/Exec, please email me (president@uwac.co.uk) or find me at a session!


Wills Chiu Shuk Yin

Wills Chiu Shuk Yin

Hello! My name is Wills and I am your Club secretary this year. I'm a second year student studying economics. Although I have not been in the club for a long time, I've been doing archery for 8 years and mostly doing recurve and a bit of compound.

As the club's secretary, I am handling all the stuff that are necessary for the club to operate, such as club kit ordering, ArcheryGB memberships, assisting with the beginners course and taking minutes and notes at Exec meetings. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to me during sessions or email me!

secretary@uwac.co.uk !


Sam Curtis

Sam Curtis

Hello everyone, my name is Sam and I'm in my 2nd year of my PhD in Computer Science. I've been doing archery in some form since I was about ten and this year, I will be your Treasurer.

As the Treasurer I deal with everything money related including reimbursements, grants, and club finances. So, if you have any questions about club finances or anything really you can email me at:


Field Captain

Noelito Parina

Noelito Parina

Hello! My name is Noelito, and I am the club Field Captain for this year. I am a final year Biomedical Science student, and this is my 4th year with UWAC. Here I learnt how to shoot recurve and currently shooting compound.

As Field Captain, I am responsible for range safety, but I am also involved in organising Taster sessions, Beginners' Courses and Friendly Shoots with other universities.

If you have any questions, you can email me at:

field-captain@uw ac.co.uk.

Team Captain

Ryan Zhou

Ryan Zhou

Hi, my name is Ryan and I’m your team captain this year!

I’m a second year Economics student and will be dealing with anything performance related. This includes team selection, organising club coaching, strength and conditioning sessions and liaising with Warwick Sport. If you have any questions about joining the development/performance teams or other performance related questions, feel free to come find me at session or drop me an email at:



Tournaments Officer

Sruti Patel

Sruti Patel

Hello!! My name is Sruti. I will be your Tournaments Officer this year. I study Law and started shooting in my first year of university.

As the Tournaments Officer, I will be arranging some of the competitions such as WONT, BUTTS league leg and the club competitions.

If you have any questions, feel free to speak to me at a session or email me at:


Records Officer

Amy Phelps

Amy Phelps

Hi everyone, I’m Amy and I’m in my second year studying Biological Sciences. I started archery in the first term of the 2021 school year. As the Records Officer, my role is to upload and manage everyone’s scores on Archr.

If you have any questions feel free to email


Equipments Officer

Zain Zaidi

Zain Zaidi

Hi, my name is Zain and I'm in my 2nd year of my undergraduate neuroscience course. I’ll be your Equipment Officer this year!

I started doing archery at the beginning of this year (Sept 2021), so as of right now I’m still a novice, though that will soon change! As the Equipment Officer my job is to fix any club equipment that breaks. I'm also in charge of purchasing new club equipment and maintaining what we have, which is basically what keeps us going as a club.

So if you ever find yourself with something broken or a question come find me at session or email me at: equipments@uwac.co.uk.

Social Secretaries

Harry Taylor and Nikhil Gulshan

Harry Taylor and Nikhil Gulshan

Hey everyone! We’re Nikhil and Harry, a second year GSD student and fourth year maths student respectively, and we are your social secretaries for this year!

We will be in charge of planning and running social activities for the club, which we aim to make as diverse as possible to appeal to all. Just a few examples include karaoke night, escape rooms, crazy golf, and of course, circling!

We are also open to ideas for socials too, so if you want to make a suggestion, feel free to send us an email or come speak to us at session, be it regarding socials or anything you want to talk about:


We hope to see you at as many socials as possible.

Publicity Officer

Megan Edwards

Megan Edwards


My name is Megan and I will be the Publicity Officer for the coming year. I'm a third year History student and I've been a member of UWAC since I first started uni. I've been doing archery for 10 years now, shooting recurve.

It's my job as Publicity Officer to keep you all updated on the clubs activity through our social media accounts and website, and to organise events such as the sports fair :)

If you have any questions about the club just send me an email: publicity@uwac.co.uk.

Make sure you're following our social media accounts to stay up to date with the clubs activity!


Tobias with our former social secretary Jodie

Hello everyone! My name is Tobias, but I’m usually known as Toby, and I am the official UWAC mascot! I’ve been a member of the club for longer than anyone else and over that time I’ve accumulated a large collection of clothes. These include traditional green and white archery kit, my favourite suit for balls and sunglasses to hide the post-POP! hangover. My job is to keep everyone’s spirits up at competitions and I can usually be found hiding out at the President’s house.

I'm new to Twitter too! @tweetwithtobias

Exec Archive:

Below is a list of all of the club's exec committees in recent history.

2021-22 Academic Year

  • President - Hannah Burnage
  • Secretary- Chris Woodgate
  • Treasurer- Hubert Naguszewski
  • Field Captain- Kate Willett
  • Team Captain - Megan Purchase
  • Tournaments Officer - Sean Foo
  • Records Officer - James Ireland
  • Equipments Officer - Sam Curtis
  • Social Secretary- Jodie Green
  • Publicity Officer - Abi Hicks

2020-21 Academic Year

  • President - Hannah Burnage
  • Secretary- Tim Jackson
  • Treasurer- Hubert Naguszewski
  • Field Captain- Jodie Green
  • Team Captain - Kai Thomas-Prause
  • Tournaments Officer - Kate Willett
  • Records Officer - James Ireland
  • Equipments Officer - Chris Woodgate
  • Social Secretary- Joel Davidson
  • Publicity Officer - Jemima Scott

2019-20 Academic Year

  • President - Megan Purchase
  • Secretary - James Gardner
  • Treasurer - Sam Armstrong
  • Field Captain - Jess Watts
  • Team Captain - Hannah Burnage
  • Tournaments Officer - Kate Willett
  • Records Officer - Hubert Naguszewski
  • Equipments Officer - Chris Woodgate
  • Social Secretary - Jodie Green
  • Publicity Officer - Ioana Stanciu

2018-19 Academic Year

  • President - Timothy Jackson
  • Secretary - Alexander Logan
  • Treasurer - Craig Devonport
  • Field Captain - Sarah Allaway
  • Tournaments Officer - Jess Watts
  • Records Officer - Hannah Burnage
  • Team Captain - James Jeffs
  • Equipments Officer - Sam Curtis
  • Social Secretary - William Pike
  • Publicity Officer - Megan Purchase

2017-18 Academic Year:

  • President - Timothy Jackson
  • Secretary - David Richardson
  • Treasurer - Jack Brittan
  • Field Captain - Eleanor Blakey
  • Tournaments Officer - Sam Armstrong
  • Records Officer - Alexander Logan
  • Team Captain - Sherman Ip
  • Equipments Officer - Sam Curtis
  • Social Secretary - Daniel Prinsloo
  • Publicity Officer - Sarah Allaway

2016-17 Academic Year:

  • President - Emma Davis
  • Secretary - Timothy Jackson
  • Treasurer - Jasmine Grosso
  • Team Co-ordinator - Jess Watts
  • Tournaments & Records Officer - Claudia Williams
  • Team Captain - Chris Woodgate
  • Equipments Officer - Toby Ross
  • Social Secretary - Dom Harrison
  • Publicity Officer - Eleanor Blakey

2015-16 Academic Year:

  • President - James Jeffs
  • Secretary - Craig Devonport
  • Treasurer - Jasmine Grosso
  • Field Captain - Matt Stace
  • Tournaments Officer - Jess Watts
  • Development Officer - Tom Hall
  • Equipments Officers - Oliver Vavasour & Toby Ross
  • Social Secretary - Tim Jackson
  • Records Officer - Caz Evans
  • Website & Publicity Officer - David Richardson

2014-15 Academic Year:

  • President - Jorge Lindley
  • Secretary - Chris Guerin
  • Treasurer - Matthew Dale
  • Field Captain - James Jeffs
  • Development Officer - Tom Hall
  • Equipments Officer - Luke Rieman
  • Tournaments Officer - Chloé Worrall
  • Social Secretary - Matt Stace
  • Records Officer - Craig Devonport
  • Website & Publicity Officer - Melisa Kaner

2013-14 Academic Year:

  • President – Alan Dawson (then) Tom Hall
  • Secretary - Maddie Meatyard
  • Treasurer - Jorge Lindley
  • Field Captain - Emma Davis
  • Equipments Officer – Tom Hall (then) James Edmondson
  • Tournaments Officer – Lisa Tully
  • Social Secretary - Craig Holroyd
  • Records Officer - James Jeffs
  • Website & Publicity Officer - Adam Lack

2012-13 Academic Year:

  • President - Rachael Hutchinson
  • Secretary – Alan Dawson
  • Treasurer - Jorge Lindley
  • Field Captain - Alex 'Level 1' Henman
  • Equipments Officer - Tom Hall
  • Tournaments Officer - Stephen Mendonça
  • Social Secretary - Connor Gallagher
  • Records Officer - Enrik Nako
  • Website & Publicity Officer – Laith Alissa

2011-12 Academic Year:

  • President - Chris Guerin
  • Secretary - Alan Dawson
  • Treasurer - Jorge Lindley
  • Field Captain - Rachael Hutchinson
  • Equipments Officer - Matt Cranham
  • Tournaments Officer - Chris Blake
  • Records Officer - Anna Novak
  • Social Secretary - Tom Moores
  • Website & Publicity Officer - Mark Waddoups

2010-11 Academic Year:

  • President - Chris Blake
  • Secretary - Andrew Shreeves
  • Treasurer - Laura Oxley
  • Field Captain - Rachael Hutchison
  • Equipments Officer - Matt Dale
  • Tournaments Officer - Alan Dawson
  • Records Officer - Chris Guerin
  • Social Secretary - Kathryn Brace
  • Website & Publicity Officer - Matt Cranham

2009-10 Academic Year:

  • President - David Barnes
  • Secretary - Amy Fisher
  • Treasurer - Ian Chandler
  • Field Captain - Stuart Deacon
  • Equipments Officer - Matt Dale
  • Tournaments Officer - Andrew Shreeves
  • Records Officer - Laura Oxley
  • Social Secretary - Chris Blake
  • Website & Publicity Officer - Chris Guerin

2008-09 Academic Year:

  • President - Ian Rogers
  • Secretary - David Hadden
  • Treasurer - Dan Higgins
  • Field Captain - James Mudd
  • Equipments Officer - Chris Butle
  • Tournaments Officer - David Barnes
  • Records Officer - Emma Cross
  • Social Secretary - Paul Crooks
  • Website & Publicity Officer - Jack Benton