BUTTS Leg 4 & BUTTS Indoors Championships

Posted by Sarah Allaway on 13th May 2016


The final leg of the inter Midlands university competitions took place on the 21st February and was hosted by The University of Birmingham. Warwick and Birmingham had the morning slot and Oxford and Nottingham Trent the afternoon. After shooting Warwick hauled out in the pub awaiting the end of the afternoon session and results. Maddie Meatyard and Tom Hall were the UWAC medal winners of the day, both won gold with scores of 559 and 584 respectively. The day was finished with a social at a Chinese buffet restaurant in Birmingham.

BUTTS Indoor Championships

BUTTS Champs 2016 was hosted by Nottingham Trent University on the 26th March. It meant another early start, harder for some than others. Ultimately everyone who wanted to shoot could, a rarity! The few people not shooting helped provide morale for those who were. The round shot was a Portsmouth and Warwick shot in the afternoon session.

A head to head style shoot followed against the top ranked archers who fought it out for first place out of their respective categories. Jess Watts and Maddie Meatyard both qualified for the ladies experienced head to heads. Gillian Wu took home a gold medal after smashing in the ladies novice category. Chi Ng also qualified for the head to heads but narrowly missed out on a medal position coming fourth. Top of the podium for the men’s experienced category was Tom Hall amidst chants of “Tom Hall”.

As well as the shooting UWAC’s snapchat made its debut controlled, temporarily, by Chris Guerin. There was no boat race after the competition due to an organisation error, but we like to assume we would have smashed it. Following the fantasy boat race was the ball, this year at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the centre of Nottingham. There was a Hollywood theme and tables were each decorated to represent famous film franchises, with corresponding props. UWAC took a shine to several of these the favourite being an inflatable monkey, named Francis.

Awards for those with the highest scoring Portsmouths of the day were given; Warwick gained medals for both the experienced (bronze) and novice (silver) teams. The results and team members are below. Faheem Mirza gained an individual medal for gaining the highest bare bow score of the day. Warwick also gained a medal in the ultimate archer competition, well done to Sam Gibson for coming first in the ladies longbow category. Sadly we had to give back our big shiny trophy we got for winning the BUTTS league last year, as we came third. This year Birmingham were the ultimate winners. UWAC took to the dance floor after awards showing off how well our warm up routine went to music, and celebrating our wins at the same time. Even though it was not the overall win UWAC wanted the final results were some of the closest seen in the league and the club is now aiming for more victories in the outdoor season, with BUTTS Outdoor Champs and BUCS Outdoors.

Score Breakdown

Novice Team

Archer Score
Chi Ng 513
Alex Eliad 485
Faheem Mirza 485 (Barebow)
Gillian Yu 479

Experienced Team

Archer Score
Tom Hall 578
James Jeffs 566
Madeleine Meatyard 561
Enrik Nako 550

Final Results from this year can be found here.

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