Posted by Sarah Allaway on 8th May 2016

Another year, another AGM, and this year there was much to review and discuss from the previous year, from successes to voting in our new Executive Committee. The AGM was held on the Friday 11th May (week 9 of term 2).

Club Achievement Review

Outgoing developments officer, Tom Hall, and Field Captain, Matt Stace gave a brief summary of our involvement in the many competitions entered in the 2015/16 year. First to be mentioned was BUTTS outdoors 2015, where UWAC picked up silver and gold medals for our experienced and novice teams respectively and four individual medals. BUCS outdoors 2015 couldn’t be ignored with 45 BUCS points being won! The same can be said for BUCS indoors 2016 with an equal haul of 45 BUCS points for the University of Warwick. December 2015 saw another successful round of W.O.N.T, a UWAC hosted competition. As for non-university competitions the club attended National Indoors 2015, bringing 11 total archers, with the team coming in in 5th place overall. On the date of the AGM UWAC also looked on course to finishing top of BUTTS league (watch this space).

Medal hauls aside, this year saw a huge increase in the number of active novices in the club from ~10 in 2014/15 to ~25 in 2015/16! Not only have these novices been active but they have been winning us medals; a total of six medals gained at BUCS indoors! A promising start that we hope they continue.

Club Awards

Best Archer

These awards go to those who have performed the best, with the highest scores, over the past year.

  • Experienced Gent: James Jeffs
  • Experienced Lady: Madeleine Meatyard
  • Novice Gent: Faheem Mirza
  • Novice Lady: Gillian Yu

Most Improved Archer

These awards go to those whose performance has improved throughout the year, regardless of whether they are top scorers.

  • Experienced: Enrik Nako
  • Novice: Alexander Logan


This year saw a change in the roles and names from last year’s exec positons. As such the two roles, records officer and tournaments officers will be combined into one role, tournaments and records officer. Website and publicity officer is renamed to publicity to better focus on the publicity aspect of the role. The secretary will, this year, take over from the tournaments officer by organising tour as well as their previous responsibility; the social sec will organise the tours’ socials. In other changes, the divide between field captain and developments officer has become better defined and their responsibilities shifted. The names of these positions has also been changed to team coordinator and club captain, respectively.

Candidates running for the positions each gave a speech followed by questions before votes were cast. Each member was allowed one vote and had the option to reopen nominations (RON) or abstain. With that considered the new UWAC Executive Committee for the 2016/17 year can be introduced (Drumroll please).

  • President: Emma Davis
  • Secretary: Timothy Jackson
  • Treasurer: Jasmine Grosso
  • Team Coordinator: Jessica Watts
  • Tournaments and Records Officer: Claudia Williams
  • Club Captain: Chris Woodgate
  • Equipment's Officer: Toby Ross
  • Social Secretary: Dominic Harrison
  • Publicity Officer: Eleanor Blakey

Thanks are given to the outgoing exec for another successful year of keeping the club running and we wish the new exec well in continuing this.

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