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BUCS Outdoors 2019

Posted by Ioana Stanciu on 13th June 2019

This year, BUCS Outdoors took place in Lilleshall on the 8th and 9th of June. Warwick ended up taking a team of 21, which consisted of Sarah Allaway, Sam Armstrong, Samuel Bailey, Hannah Burnage, Emma Davis, Craig Devonport, James Edmonson, James Gardner, Jodie Green, Sherman Ip, James Ireland, James Jeffs, Hubert Naguszewski, Enrik Nako, William Pike, Megan Purchase, Jemima Scott, Kai Thomas-Prause, Rens van Velzen, Jessica Watts and Christopher Woodgate.

Image credit: Malcolm Rees

Day 1

On Saturday, Emma Davis took Silver for Ladies Recurve and James Edmonson Bronze for Gent Compound, while other notable performances include Christopher Woodgate taking 4th place in Gents Compound and Sherman Ip 4th place in Gents Recurve.

The Warwick Gents Non-Compound Team (James Gardner, Sherman Ip and Enrik Nako),the Warwick Ladies Non-Compound Team (Sarah Allaway, Hannah Burnage, Emma Davis) and the Warwick Gents Compound Team (Christopher Woodgate, James Edmonson) all earned silver medals overall, while the Non-Compound Novice Team (James Ireland, Rens Van Velzen, Hubert Naguszewski) earned a bronze medal.

Image credit: Malcom Rees

Day 2

After a night of camping, the shooting recommenced on the Sunday with a WA720 qualifying round and Head to head matches. A WA720 round involves shooting 72 arrows at a distance of 70m, regardless of category.

After the WA720 round, many Warwick Archers had qualified in the top 10s of their respective categories, including Sarah Allaway, Jodie Green, Jess Watts, Emma Davis, Kai Thomas-Prause, Chris Woodgate, James Edmonson, Sam Bailey, Rens Van Velzen, William Pike, James Jeffs, Enrik Nako and Sherman Ip.

At the end of the day, William Pike took home a gold medal in the Gents Recurve category, Emma Davis and Hannah Burnage took home silver and bronze in Ladies Recurve category, Kai Thomas-Prause took gold in Gents Compound.

Image credit: Malcom Rees

Malcom Rees

Image credit: Malcom Rees

Full results can be found here (for the H2H) and here (for day 1 results).

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