BUTTS Outdoors 2019

Posted by Ioana Stanciu on 29th May 2019

B.U.T.T.S. Outdoors 2019 was hosted on the 18th of May by Loughborough on the Bowmen of Glen's archery range just outside of Leicester.

The UWAC team was comprised of Sarah Allaway, Hannah Burnage, James Gardner, William Pike, Sherman Ip, James Edmondson, Timothy Jackson , Jemima Scott, Jodie Green, Megan Purchase, Hubert Naguszewski, Samuel Bailey and Rens Van Venzen.

In the experienced team category, Warwick came first, beating Birmingham's 3150 with a combined team score of 3324, while in the novice category, Warwick archers came in third, with a combined score of 2251. Individual achievements were numerous as well and they are listed below:

Full scores can be found here

Congratulations to everyone!

Image credit: David Richardson

Archer Round Position Score Hits Golds
Sarah Allaway Albion- Lady Recurve 3rd 840 108 56
Hannah Burnage Albion- Lady Recurve 4th 818 108 54
Jodie Green Albion- Lady Recurve 6th 747 107 35
Megan Purchase Albion-Lady Barebow 5th 233 55 6
Jemima Scott Albion- Novice Lady Recurve 6th 544 104 13
Hubert Naguszewski Albion- Novice Gent Recurve 5th 674 104 31
Samuel Bailey Albion- Novice Gent Barebow 1st 552 98 17
Rens Van Velzen Albion- Novice Gent Barebow 2nd 481 91 12
William Pike St George- Gent Recurve 1st 860 108 60
James Gardner St George- Gent Recurve 4th 806 108 46
Sherman Ip St George- Gent Recurve 5th 795 107 49
James Edmonson St George- Gent Compound 1st 926 108 86
Timothy Jackson St George- Gent Compound 2nd 882 108 69

Image credit: David Richardson

Image credit: David Richardson

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