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BUCS Outdoors 2018

Posted by Megan Purchase on 24th June 2018

Lilleshall National Sports and Conferencing Centre hosted BUCS Outdoors 2018 on 16th and 17th June. A huge number of Warwick archers qualified to go to BUCS Outdoors this year and we ended up taking a team of 24. The team consisted of: Sarah Allaway, Sam Armstrong, Hannah Burnage, Heather Clark, Emma Davis, Craig Devonport, James Edmondson, Carys Evans, James Gardner, Tom Hall, Sherman Ip, Tim Jackson, James Jeffs, Melissa Knapton, Aaron Lee, Alex Logan, Enrik Nako, William Pike, Megan Purchase, David Richardson, Charlotte Rossetti, Emma Simpson, Jess Watts and Kate Willett.

Carys Evans shooting

Image credit: Malcolm Rees

Day 1

On the Saturday, a WA1440 round was shot- a total of (unsurprisingly) 144 arrows- and despite the wind and rain, Team Warwick still managed to put in a strong performance. Individually, Tom Hall took Gold for the Gents Recurve and Emma Davis took Bronze for the Ladies Recurve. Other notable performances were Sherman Ip-5th in Gents Recurve-and Hannah Burnage- 4th in Ladies Recurve.

Hannah Burnage shooting

Image credit: Malcolm Rees

The Gents Compound Team (James Edmondson & Tim Jackson) took Bronze overall.

The Warwick Gents Non-Compound Team (Tom Hall, Sherman Ip & William Pike) earned a Gold medal overall and the Warwick Ladies Non-Compound Team (Emma Davis, Hannah Burnage & Charlotte Rossetti) earned a Silver medal overall.

Ladies Non-Compound Team take silver

Image credit: Malcolm Rees

The Warwick novices also performed well, with Novice Lady Compound, Heather Clark, gaining a Silver medal. The Novice non-compound Team (Melissa Knapton, Aaron Lee & Emma Simpson) came 4th overall.

Charlotte Rossetti

Image credit: Malcolm Rees

Day 2

After a night of camping for most Warwick archers, the shooting recommenced on the Sunday with a WA720 qualifying round and Head to head matches. A WA720 round involves shooting 72 arrows at a distance of 70m, regardless of category. Thankfully, the weather was marginally warmer but the rain returned towards the end of the day.

After the WA720 round, many Warwick Archers had qualified in the top 10s of their respective categories, including Tom Hall, Sherman Ip, William Pike, Emma Davis, Hannah Burnage, Sarah Allaway, James Edmondson, Tim Jackson, Heather Clark & Megan Purchase.

Sarah Allaway shooting

Image credit: Malcolm Rees

After a very overcast set of Head to head matches (including several Warwick v Warwick matches), Tom Hall took Gold and Sherman Ip took Bronze in the Gents Recurve category.

Gents Recurve Head to head podium

Image credit: Malcolm Rees

At the end of the weekend, Team Warwick had earned a total of 56 BUCS points - almost double what was earned last year.

Full results for both days can be found on ianseo.

Score Breakdown

DAY 1-WA1440

Archer Category Score Position
Tom Hall Gents Recurve 1271 1st
Sherman Ip Gents Recurve 1155 5th
William Pike Gents Recurve 1123 9th
Enrik Nako Gents Recurve 1103 12th
James Jeffs Gents Recurve 1092 18th
James Gardner Gents Recurve 1076 20th
Sam Armstrong Gents Recurve 1054 25th
David Richardson Gents Recurve 1042 28th
Craig Devonport Gents Recurve 994 36th
Emma Davis Ladies Recurve 1189 3rd
Hannah Burnage Ladies Recurve 1184 4th
Charlotte Rossetti Ladies Recurve 1058 11th
Sarah Allaway Ladies Recurve 1033 15th
Jess Watts Ladies Recurve 979 19th
Carys Evans Ladies Recurve 945 24th
Tim Jackson Gents Compound 1269 5th
James Edmondson Gents Compound 1243 7th
Alex Logan Gents Compound 1125 17th
Megan Purchase Ladies Barebow 504 10th
Kate Willett Ladies Barebow 406 15th
Aaron Lee Novice Gents Recurve 943 5th
Emma Simpson Novice Ladies Recurve 774 8th
Melissa Knapton Novice Ladies Recurve 748 9th
Heather Clark Novice Ladies Compound 1105 2nd

DAY 2-WA720

Archer Category Score Position
Tom Hall Gents Recurve 651 1st
Sherman Ip Gents Recurve 618 3rd
William Pike Gents Recurve 604 7th
James Jeffs Gents Recurve 584 12th
James Gardner Gents Recurve 572 17th
David Richardson Gents Recurve 562 22nd
Enrik Nako Gents Recurve 556 25th
Craig Devonport Gents Recurve 543 30th
Sam Armstrong Gents Recurve 532 33th
Aaron Lee Gents Recurve 395 69th
Emma Davis Ladies Recurve 594 2nd
Hannah Burnage Ladies Recurve 581 4th
Sarah Allaway Ladies Recurve 539 7th
Charlotte Rossetti Ladies Recurve 487 14th
Jess Watts Ladies Recurve 476 15th
Carys Evans Ladies Recurve 438 21st
Melissa Knapton Ladies Recurve 278 37th
James Edmondson Gents Compound 654 7th
Tim Jackson Gents Compound 639 10th
Heather Clark Ladies Compound 585 7th
Megan Purchase Ladies Barebow 173 10th
Kate Willett Ladies Barebow 163 13th

Head 2 Heads

Archer Category Rank
Tom Hall Gents Recurve 1
Sherman Ip Gents Recurve 3
James Gardner Gents Recurve 9
James Jeffs Gents Recurve 9
Sam Armstrong Gents Recurve 17
Craig Devonport Gents Recurve 17
Enrik Nako Gents Recurve 17
William Pike Gents Recurve 17
David Richardson Gents Recurve 17
Aaron Lee Gents Recurve 65
Emma Davis Ladies Recurve 4
Hannah Burnage Ladies Recurve 5
Sarah Allaway Ladies Recurve 6
Charlotte Rossetti Ladies Recurve 9
Carys Evans Ladies Recurve 17
Jess Watts Ladies Recurve 17
Melissa Knapton Ladies Recurve 33
James Edmondson Gents Compound 7
Tim Jackson Gents Compound 9
Heather Clark Ladies Compound 5
Megan Purchase Ladies Barebow 9
Kate Willett Ladies Barebow 9

Full Results can be found on ianseo

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