BUTTS Champs Team 2018

BUTTS Outdoor Championships 2018

Posted by Megan Purchase on 22nd June 2018

Exam season didn't stop UWAC from sending a strong group of archers to BUTTS Outdoor Champs 2018, this year held at the Bowmen of Glen archery club on 26th May. Our team was made up by: Hannah Burnage, Craig Devonport, James Edmondson, Carys Evans, James Gardner, Sherman Ip, Tim Jackson, James Jeffs, Alex Logan, Enrik Nako, David Richardson, Charlotte Rossetti and Emma Simpson.

James Jeffs shooting

Image credit: David Richardson

Depending on category, the rounds shot were a Windsor, Albion or a St. George.

The Warwick non-compound team, consisting of: Hannah Burnage, Sherman Ip, James Gardner and Charlotte Rossetti, took silver with a combined score of 3096. They narrowly missed out to Birmingham, who had a combined score of 3102.

James Edmondson

Image credit: David Richardson

Novice Lady recurve, Emma Simpson, also performed well and gained silver medal. The Warwick gents compounds, James Edmondson, Tim Jackson and Alex Logan were 1st, 2nd and 4th, respectively.

Hannah Burnage shooting

Image credit: David Richardson

Score Breakdowns

Archer Round Position Score Hits Golds
Hannah Burnage Albion-Lady Recurve 2nd 830 108 52
Charlotte Rossetti Albion-Lady Recurve 5th 748 106 35
Carys Evans Albion-Lady Recurve 8th 655 107 25
Sherman Ip St. George-Gent Recurve 2nd 761 107 40
James Gardner St. George-Gent Recurve 3rd 757 105 43
David Richardson St. George-Gent Recurve 6th 727 105 36
James Jeffs St. George-Gent Recurve 9th 719 107 28
Enrik Nako St. George-Gent Recurve 10th 713 107 32
Craig Devonport St. George-Gent Recurve 12th 689 105 27
James Edmondson St. George- Gent Compound 1st 896 108 78
Tim Jackson St. George- Gent Compound 2nd 860 108 60
Alex Logan St. George-Gent Compound 4th 736 108 37
Emma Simpson Windsor-Novice Lady Recurve 2nd 706 108 27

Full Results can be found onTamlyn Score

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