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Warwickshire County Field Championships 2021

Posted by Abi Hicks on 18th October 2021

On Sunday 17th October 2021, UWAC took part in the Warwickshire County Field Championships.

Field archery sits somewhere between archery and golf, in that archers move around a ‘course’, shooting targets at distances between 10 and 60m and across varied terrain. There are no ‘sighters’ and archers only shoot three arrows at each target, so it’s important to set your sight correctly first time!

Team UWAC!

The UWAC team consisted of Hannah Burnage, Jodie Green, Kate Willett, Megan Purchase, Chris Woodgate, James Ireland, and Noelito Parina.

The day started cold and wet, but weather (and people’s spirits) improved as the day went on, and good fun was had by all. Top finishers from UWAC were Hannah Burnage, who took 5th place open and 1st place Warwickshire in the womens recurve freestyle with a score of 261, and Chris Woodgate, who took 5th place open and 2nd place Warwickshire in the mens recurve freestyle with a score of 301.

A special mention should also go to Tom Hall, UWAC alumnus, who took 2nd place open and 1st place Warwickshire with a score of 345!

Chris Woodgate

Hannah Burnage

Jodie Green

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