UWAC Outreach Programme 2017

Posted by Sarah Allaway on 17th March 2017

For the 5th year running, the UWAC Outreach Programme has enabled students at Ninestiles Academy to try their hand at archery as a part of their GCSE PE qualification. As well as providing valuable coaching experience for our more senior members, the Programme is a fantastic opportunity for the club to engage with the wider community and inspire the next generation of potential archers!

The programme provides equipment and coaching throughout the year, culminating in a day long GCSE PE archery course, which this year took place on Friday 3rd March. During this course, UWAC archers helped students to improve their archery skills and to understand the importance of range safety. Students were also able to take part in a GCSE scored round, which involved shooting 18 arrows at an 80cm target face from a distance of 15m.  

Tim Jackson, UWAC's President and one of the volunteers helping to coach students on the day, had this to say of the Outreach Programme:

The programme gives kids the chance to try a sport that many of then wouldn't have thought of trying outside of school. It also gives them the chance to either pass or improve their GCSE PE grade. It's very rewarding to know that thanks to the work done by the school and our volunteers, we've helped children achieve a qualification as well as stir up interest in the sport for the next generation. Timothy Jackson (UWAC President).

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