BUTTS Leg 1- Warwick

Posted by Ioana Stanciu on 13th November 2019

The first BUTTS leg of the season took place on the 9th of November 2019, at our very own Warwick University. This is usually the competition where both our novices and our new experienced members compete with us for the first time.

Team Warwick came first in the Senior League table with an aggregate score of 2319 (William Pike, Chris Woodgate, Sarah Allaway, Sam Armstrong), while our Novice team (Clement Sorbier, Jack Magilton, Mohammed Hussein, Alex Forsyth) did exceptionally well for their first competition, also coming in first with an aggregate score of 1695!

There were plenty of individual achievements too!

In the Gent Recurve category, Will Pike and Chris Woodgate took 1st place and 2nd place respectively, followed by Sam Armstrong and James Gardner in the 4th and 5th place, and James Ireland in the 10th place, Alex Collins in the 15th place and Matthew Parkes in the 16th place.

In the Lady Recurve category, Warwick dominated: Sarah Allaway came in 1st, then Emma Davis 2nd and Jodie Green 3rd, followed by Kate Willett 5th and Jemima Scott 8th.

Kai Thomas-Prause came in 1st and Tim Jackson 2nd in the Gent Compound Category.

Ren Van Venzen came in first in the Gent Barebow Category.

In the Novice Gent Recurve category, Clement Sorbier and Jack Magilton came in 1st and 2nd respectively, followed by Mohammed Hussein and Alex Forsyth 4th and 5th, Joel Davidson 9th, Hongyang Jiang 13th, Jeevan Johal 15th, Hao Zhou 16th and Ben Solly 17th.

In the Novice Lady Recurve category Yolanda Yeung came in 5th and in the Novice Gent Barebow Sam Fong came in 2nd.

Full results can be found here: https://www.tamlynscore.co.uk/tournaments/warwick-butts-2019-1/

Congratulations to everyone!

Photos will be added soon.

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