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BUTTS Field Championships 2018

Posted by Megan Purchase on 28th October 2018

Warwick sent five archers to Long Buckby Archery Club in Daventry to compete in the annual Field Championships, shooting a WA mixed round as part of the regional BUTTS League.

Contrary to Target archery, (the usual style shot by the club), Field Archery involves trekking round a patch of woodland and shooting at targets of varying distance, from 10m-60m. There are 24 targets in total, split into two sections: 12 targets are at unmarked distance and 12 are at marked/known distance. This means that for half of the competition, archers must use their judgement to gauge how far away the target is and adjust their sight marks accordingly.

Despite the cold weather (an average of about 2 ⁰C), the rain and occasional sleet, the Warwick Archers still managed a very successful day, taking home a collective 1 bronze, 1 silver and 2 gold medals as well as the overall team shield (AKA the 'BUTTS Field Team Shield').

Results Summary

Archer Category Score Position
James Edmondson Gents Compound 346 1st
Sherman Ip Gents Recurve 267 3rd
William Pike Gents Recurve 277 2nd
Megan Purchase Ladies Barebow 163 1st
Hannah Burnage Ladies Recurve Retired -

Full results can be found below.

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