Postal Leagues

The club participates in two postal leagues over the summer months, shot in several stages. For each stage of the league there are specific rounds to be shot, as well as a time frame for shooting (and submission!). For each stage we submit two teams; best raw scores and best handicap adjusted scores.

County of Warwickshire Archery Association (CWAA) Postal League

For the CWAA postal league, the teams are made up of 4 different archers and the round of choice is always a Warwick.

The dates for the stages are as follows:

  • Stage 1: 1st April - 31st May,
  • Stage 2: 1st June - 31st July,
  • Stage 3: 1st August - 30th September.

West Midlands Archery Society (WMAS) Postal League

The WMAS postal league is slightly different, with 5 different archers per team and each stage having different rounds. The details are below.

Stage 1:
  • Round: Short Metric,
  • Dates: 1st May - 31st May.
Stage 2:
  • Gents round: Long Western,
  • Ladies round: Western,
  • Dates: 1st May - 30th June.
Stage 3:
  • Gents round: Long National,
  • Ladies round: National,
  • Dates: 1st May - 31st August.
Stage 4:
  • Gents round: Long Warwick,
  • Ladies round: Warwick,
  • Dates: 1st May - 30th September.

Handicap Adjusted Scores

As the name suggests, a handicap adjusted score combines the actual score shot and an adjustment factor based on the handicap of the archer. Each adjustment factor is 1440 - lowest score for that handicap. This results in the adjusted score being:

  • Adjusted score = raw score + adjustment factor.