BUTTS 2015 Leg 1: Nottingham

BUTTS 2015 Leg 1: Nottingham

Sarah Allaway on

This weekend saw the start of the indoors season for UWAC with the first BUTTS League leg hosted in Nottingham.

The shooting range at Nottingham
Archers getting ready to shoot

UWAC enjoyed success on Sunday in both experienced and novice categories. The experienced team beat Loughborough, Nottingham and Nottingham Trent to come first, and the novice team came second only to Loughborough. The experienced team was made up of Tom Hall, James Jeffs, Maddie Meatyard and Enrik Nako. The Novice team was made from Nicole Tang, John Jose, Jack Brittan and Timon Hynes.

Individual results for the leg includes a gold medal in experienced gents and ladies recurve (Tom Hall and Maddie Meatyard), experienced ladies barebow (Jasmine Grosso) and novice ladies recurve (Nicole Tang).

Enrik is pleased with his shooting
Warwick and Loughborough archers pull their arrows

Combining the Nottingham and Oxford results reveals Sunday was one of the closest BUTTS legs in history for the experienced teams, with first and second place (Birmingham and Warwick respectively) tying on team score and hits, being separated by only golds (120 for Birmingham to 119 for Warwick). The novice team came 4th overall, a welcome change to the traditional bottom half finish in recent years.

Bows on the waiting line, ready to shoot

On the boat race front the Warwick A team had a score to settle with Loughborough, who went undefeated last year. Warwick A were lead to victory by social sec and ringer Tim Jackson, beating Loughborough and Nottingham Trent to become winners of the Nottingham leg boat race.

Toby lets his last arrow of the end loose

Well done to all the archers that took part this past weekend. Next weekend we have the second leg of the BUTTS Indoor league, hosted by Loughborough. UWAC will be facing off against Derby, Loughborough and Birmingham.

UWAC huddled together, psyching themselves up to shoot

The score breakdown for the leg is as follows:

Experienced Team

Score: 2247, 240 hits, 119 golds

  • Tom Hall - 584, 60 hits, 45 golds
  • James Jeffs - 564, 60 hits, 30 golds
  • Maddie Meatyard - 555, 60 hits, 23 golds
  • Enrik Nako - 544, 60 hits, 21 golds

Novice Team

Score: 1579, 234 hits, 14 golds

  • Nicole Tang - 424, 59 hits, 4 golds
  • John Jose - 401, 58 hits, 7 golds
  • Jack Brittan - 385, 59 hits, 2 golds
  • Timon Hynes - 369, 58 hits, 1 gold