Performance Team & Grip Making

Performance Team & Grip Making

Emma Davis on

Hi All!

This year the club is part of Warwick Sport's Performance Team program. This means that we receive fitness training support, extra funding and some preferable treatment for things like session allocation. The performance team is made up of around 15 of us. These volunteers are people who are volunteering their spare time to do more archery, both improving their own standards and hopefully the clubs.

Tom Hall talking grip theory
Tom Hall starts moulding a bow grip in a demonstration

The team regularly meets on Friday evenings to take part in some kind of workshop, usually run by our developments officer Tom Hall (pictured above). Last week the performance team spent time learning how to mould a bow grip.

The grip is a vital part of the bow, acting as the main contact point between the archer and bow. Having a grip that is moulded to fit your hand and wrist makes the bow more comfortable, more stable and makes it easier to get consistent grip placement. Here are a few performance team archers and their new bow grips:

Performance team members with their bow grips

The performance team is for people who are willing to put in some extra spare time for self improvement. If this sounds like you then there opportunities to start getting involved. We will soon be taking extra people on our Monday fitness sessions and we could also have more people in on our Friday meetings. If you are interesting in becoming more involved you can talk to Tom Hall or myself (James Jeffs) either at sessions or via our exec emails.

Tim is pleased with his new bow grip