How to Join

Sarah Allaway on

This year the SU have changed how to join sports clubs. This will be a step-by-step guide on how to join archery. The guide assume you've not bought any sports club memberships for this year.

Warwick Sport Membership

The first part to joining any sports club this year is to buy a Warwick Sport membership, from the silver tier and above. The steps to do this are:

  • Log into your ITS account on Warwick Sport's web page(s)
  • Head to the memberships page of Warwick Sport and pick the category that fits you best
  • Add a membership tier that's silver or above to your basket (screenshot below) Silver membership in basket
  • Proceed with the checkout until you receive confirmation of your order (screenshot below) Confirmation of Warwick Sport membership

You should now have the appropriate Warwick Sport membership to join the club!

Sports Federation & Archery Club Memberships

Now you have Warwick Sport membership, you can join the Sport's Federation and most importantly; the Archery club! These both can be obtained from the Warwick SU website, so this guide will cover getting them both at the same time:

  • Log into your ITS account on the Warwick SU web page(s)
  • Head over to the Warwick SU Archery page and scroll down to the "Join This Club" section
  • Add the right membership option for you. Standard membership is for students and staff of the university and Associate is for external Warwick Sport members (screenshot below) Adding memberships to basket
  • Head to your basket by clicking the "Added to basket" text or using this link.
  • There should be a message to add Sport's Federation membership if you do not have it (shown below). Click the 'add' button (if you have Sport's Federation this won't show up) Sports federation is missing message in basket
  • Continue through the checkout process until you receive confirmation of purchase (screenshot below) Membership purchase confirmed

You now have membership for Sport's Federation and the Archery club! We look forward to seeing you at sessions soon.