Beginner's Course & Taster Sessions 2015

Beginner's Course & Taster Sessions 2015

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The club will be running a set of taster sessions and a beginners course throughout term 1. Details can be found below.

Taster Sessions

There will be 2 taster sessions on Wednesday 7th and Sunday 11th October 2015 (Week 1). These will be hosted in the Westwood Games Hall and open to anyone. On Wednesday the session will be 3-5pm and on the Sunday 2-4pm. There is no signup required.

Beginners Course

For the our beginners course, we have a few requirements about clothing. These are:

  • Wear closed-toe footwear that are easy to balance on,
  • Tie long hair back,
  • Wear comfortable, close fitting clothing that allows free movement of the arms,
  • Remove jewellery or piercing on the face and torso.

Course sessions

To attend the beginners course you must sign up on the Warwick Active Course page. Sessions will be 2 hours each week on either:

  • Wednesdays (3pm-5pm) or
  • Sundays (2pm-4pm).

Please only attend one of these sessions a week.

The beginners course will last 4 weeks (Weeks 2- 5) where you will be assigned a coach. This coach will teach you the basics of archery and get you shooting proficiently by yourself. You will attend one session a week lasting 2 hours, where you will have a solid set of archery skills to build upon.

After week 5 you will be welcome to attend both Wednesday and Sunday sessions where you can shoot by yourself without the aid of a coach. However, plenty of help will still be available.

Course cost

The beginners course is run through Warwick Active and the following prices apply:

  • Warwick Sport (Silver or above) member - £15,
  • Warwick Sport Bronze or non-member - £35.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up to the course on the Warwick Active page.

What happens after the course?

Once the course has been completed, you will be able to shoot by yourself at any session open to novices. More sessions will be opened to novices as the year progresses; usually all sessions become available during term 2. This will require you to be a Warwick Sport Silver (or above) member as well as a member of the archery club.

For additional information, don't hesitate to contact Tom Hall at